Parents & Community


You will soon learn that we are not fans of always taking the traditional approach - especially how we work with families and communities. 

Soon we will be launching our Office of Family Engagement, Community Partnerships & Innovation - which will be the hub for all of our engagement activities including the following: 

  • Family Engagement Opportunities
  • Community Events 
  • Parent Collaboration & Parent Teacher Home Visits
  • Wrap Around Services   
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Advocacy Action 
  • Community and Faith-Based Partnerships
  • Parent Advisory Councils (PAC)
  • Student Led Conferences (SLCs)
  • DPA Parent Academy - The Family Engagement University
  • And more

The mission of the DPA Office of Family Engagement, Community Partnerships, & Innovation will be to ensure the academic success of all students, and to create the foundation for strong relationships between our school, our families, the community and our partners.

If you are interested in helping us design this program, please contact us!